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Remember back in the day in elementary school when you used to play Oregon Trail? You could march your little pixellated wagon across the wild, wild West on your way to the Willamette Valley of Oregon, fighting disease and disaster the whole way. Along the route, you could sometimes stop in at a general store where you could pick up supplies. Well, general stores aren’t simply relics of an ancient Wild West history; they’re still around today. And one of the best ways to get deals in a general store today is not to haggle or bargain like you did in Oregon Trail; it’s to use Casey’s Pizza coupons at Casey’s General Stores.

Remember when Oregon Trail 3 came out and every kid went crazy over the new graphics for the hunting scenes? Suddenly it seemed all that much more real that you were out on the prairie, fending for yourself. Even in today’s modern world, you’ve still got to hunt and fend for yourself in a lot of ways. Fighting for parking spots and trying to keep from getting t-boned in the intersections you zip through with the yellow light overhead are two activities in particular that give you more than enough adventure on your way to redeem your Casey’s Pizza coupons. Sometimes you wonder whether you wouldn’t prefer the Oregon Trail days, when you could feed your family with a good shot.

Well, back to Casey’s General Stores, the advantage they have over the general stores of yesteryear is that they truly are general. With pizza varieties such as Garden, Taco, Bacon Cheeseburger, Supreme, and Meat Galore—not to mention the build it yourself pizzas with toppings such as beef, mild sausage, Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, Canadian Bacon, onion, green pepper, black olives, and mushrooms—there are almost more different ways to have your pizza at a Casey’s General Store than there were items available to purchase at the general stores of the 1800s—including the wagon wheels and hard tack. And when you throw in some Casey’s Pizza coupons, you find that your options grow almost limitless.

So how is it that you find yourself some Casey’s Pizza coupons? Well, the key is to look! Just like on Oregon Trail, you’ve got to hunt. The difference here is that with the Internet at your fingertips, getting Casey’s Pizza coupons is simply a matter of typing it in and poking through a few websites. Be sure to use a reputable, well-designed, and highly-rated coupons website; these coupons websites will have offers not only for the vendor you’re looking for but also for other local vendors. That way, you’re able to make use of some coupons this week and some the next, without being at the mercy of one single coupon distributor (as you would be if you signed up simply for a coupon email newsletter).

Casey’s General Stores are certainly a step up from Oregon Trail days, and Casey’s pizza has great flavor—so get yourself a coupon and hitch up your team. Giddyup!