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Ah—the delicious aroma of pizza! Invented ages ago by poor peasants in the south of Italy, pizza has gone from flat bread with tomatoes on top to a gourmet cuisine, with regional flavors across the United States and around the world. Almost anything goes with pizza now. Some people add in fish or prawns. Others turn a stir fry upside-down on their crust. But of the many types of pizza that can be had, one thing is common: freezing the pizza to cook at another time can save the delicious flavor for having later. And, when it comes to quality frozen pizza, Celeste Frozen Pizza has a standard of quality to which they stick.

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The Celeste Frozen Pizza slogan is pizza for One, emphasizing that they know good pizza in good portions. So often, eating out for pizza means having to settle for one slice or else a whole stack of slices that have to somehow be saved for later. Celeste designs their pizza to be not only tasty, but also perfect snack or small meal size. Claiming authentic Italian styles and flavors since 1950, Celeste—sometiems called Mama Celeste’s Pizza—certainly looks good on the box. But it looks good on more than just the box; it looks good on the plate, too.

With their long experience and their drive to make palatable food, the result is a shimmering, glistening pizza fresh out of the four minute microwave time that will meet the Celeste quality standard. What is that standard? Well, most significantly, it is that microwaveable pizza come close to oven-baked pizza. That is why Celeste Frozen Pizza comes with a microwaveable crisping tray that is designed to reflect heat in such a way that the pizza neither winds up soggy and gross nor dried-out and hard. It cooks the pizza while it heats it, getting the crust to be crispy and delicious.

That crisp crust that strives to approximate the taste of a good pizza baked in a conventional oven also gives that crunch that pizza lovers love. But the crust isn’t the only great part of a Celeste Frozen Pizza. When it comes to toppings, Celeste has the field well-covered. Their cheese is cheesy and their sauce is saucy, and the toppings range from vegetables to pepperoni to meatball and more. Additionally, while they have some classic Italian flavors such as the four cheese, they also have variations that add a little more kick. These zesty flavors pack a tastebud punch compared to the other pizzas. And, of course, they have some very American pizzas, such as the cheeseburger pizza.

So with Celeste Frozen pizza, whatever flavor you’re getting, it’s a little bit like tapping into those regional flavors from around the world. Almost you can imagine how it would have been for the first person to eat the first pizza—amazing? Perhaps. Different? Likely. But now that pizza has caught on and the great flavors are here to stay, your experience with Celeste makes you discover pizza anew just like those who found it first.

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