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Celeste pizza is a brand of frozen pizza that was created during the nineteen thirties. It was in Chicago that Mama Celeste, as they called her, started making pizzas for her husband and her restaurant. They had immigrated over to the United States from Italy during the nineteen twenties. Bringing with them their Italian heritage along with secret recipes of great Italian food, they were sure to be a hit in Chicago. Celeste’s pizzas became well known in the city, to the point where they shut down their restaurant in nineteen hundred and thirty seven and began to just distribute the pizza and ingredients to different restaurants throughout the city. In nineteen sixty nine Celeste sold her recipe to Quaker Oats Company. From there it was then acquired by Aurora Food which then turned into Pinnacle Foods.

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Now you know where the great frozen pizza that you enjoy has comes from. Importantly enough if you are buying this great frozen pizza and eating it all the time you should look into getting some Celeste Pizza Coupons. This could help you save on your monthly grocery bills. Where do you find those coupons? You can search through newspapers and magazines as well as the mailers you receive in the mail. The easiest way to acquire Celeste Pizza Coupons is to find them online. It is faster to search this way and can find great deals without having to waste your time flipping through all the pages in a magazine, newspaper or mailers. Save money and time and look up Celeste Pizza Coupons online.

Did you know that Celeste frozen pizzas were localized to a few places at first? It is true. Celeste was sold in places like Chicago, California, Florida and the northeastern United States. After awhile it did grow to be a top selling brand across the nation. Through its popularity you will be able to find Celeste Pizza Coupons online with more ease, makes all our lives easier to have the coupons more accessible.

The great thing about Celeste pizza is that it only takes about four minutes to cook in the microwave. Each pizza comes with a tray that will help your crust be crispy as though it was cooked in a real oven, not your microwave. And they also come in several mouth watering flavors such as Suprema Meat, Cheeseburger, Vegetable, Italian Meatball, Sausage, Pepperoni, Four Cheese, Zesty Chicken Supreme and Zesty Four Cheese. Another feature about these pizzas that is enjoyable is that they are made for one person. As a college student this is a great quick way to get a bit of food between classes and have a delicious tasting pizza.

And if you are looking to save a few pennies here and there, since you know they add up over time, you will want to look into finding the Celeste Pizza Coupons online. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to eat good tasting pizza without all the baking time. Eat Celeste Pizza as it cooks fast and is still crispy.

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