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Domino’s has now introduced a line of pasta bowls, in addition to the already magnificent pizza menu. These pastas, better known as Breadbowl pastas, are surrounded in an edible bowl of soft Italian bread to add more flavor and character to your dining experience. Making use of delicious penne pasta, each bowl is flavored with unique seasonings and sauces like chicken Alfredo and sausage marinara. Three cheese macaroni style and pasta primavera bowls are also available, or you can simply build your own pasta in any way you choose.

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Though Domino’s prizes the Italian culture in all of its menu items, it still hits close to home with its American Legends pizzas. So why not save with Pizza Coupons?!  Drawing on uniquely American ingredients and flavors, Domino’s creates pizzas from multiple areas of the country. For example, Domino’s offers Pennsylvania’s Philly steak and Hawaii’s tropical sweetness pizza that includes ham and pineapple. Also the fresh vegetation of the Pacific coast makes up the supreme pizza, while the spice of Buffalo, New York and the famous barbecue style of Memphis, Tennessee are considered classics. There is a set of toppings for everyone. Customers will even find a bacon cheeseburger pizza among the great selection at Domino’s, as well as the Ultimate Pepperoni pizza that showcases and enhances America’s topping of choice.

Crusts come in multiple styles, including deep dish, thin crust, hand tossed, and Brooklyn. Depending on what you choose, you can savor, crunch, fold, or dig deep into the foundation that holds whichever toppings most satisfy your hunger for legendary pizza. Thicker crusts are designed to support “topping overload” so you can pile on those magnificent meats, vegetables, and even fruits. Thin crusts will allow you to focus more on the flavor of ingredients, while still tasting a delicate, crisp base to your meal. And Brooklyn, of course, will give you the chance to fold every slice New York style and get that goodness inside you even faster.

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