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Did you know that Grandiosa Pizza is the most popular brand of frozen pizza in Norway? You bet it is! Hence why they named their pizza Grandiosa, it comes from the Italian word meaning grand or great. Of course their grand pizza is one of the most popular in Norway. According to, this great company was the first Norway-produced frozen pizza back during the eighties. The local Norwegians have a love-hate relationship with pizza. Some of them believe it is fantastic or a “modern national dish” while others think that pizza taste like cardboard and is “refrigerated evil” or “laziness in a box” as claimed in “Grandiosa-den store testen!” by Sverre Bjorstad Graff. Despite all the hype against and for Grandiosa pizza, if you still like it and eat it, you might want to look into getting Grandiosa Pizza Coupons. Might as well save money and still eat great pizza.

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Another fun fact about Grandiosa Pizza is that they have a so called unofficial book that came out in two thousand and five. It is called “GrandisoaLAND.” It is a unique book full of stories about their pizza. For instance on is about a man with a broken jaw. Since he was not allowed to chew food until his jaw healed, he was forced to use a blender and liquefy his Grandiosa Pizza. Strange to find a book all about a frozen pizza brand. It just goes to say that pizza is a favorite in most countries and even in Norway. No matter what country you are in, it is also important to find Grandiosa Pizza Coupons or other pizza coupons so that you are getting the best for your money without having to spend more.

When you buy a Grandiosa Pizza, here is a bit of what you can look forward too. The Original Grandiosa Pizza that has cheese, tomato sauce, and red bell peppers along with pizza meat. The Grandiosa Kiottdeig & Lok is minced meant and onion. The Grandiosa Taco contains meat with taco spice. There is a Grandiosa Pizza with sausage and tomato called Polse &Tomat. A Grandiosa Lordagspizza is topped with meatballs, beef and dip. The Grandiosa Full Pakke has meatballs, pepperoni, beef, ham and dip. Grandiosa Speltpizza is a mozzarella and spelt crust with ham. And lastly the Grandiosa Uten Paprika: Ute Pa Prove is the Original but without the red bell pepper. You can find Grandiosa Pizza Coupons for any of these delicious choices.

So aside from the popularity of Grandiosa Pizza in Norway, that does not mean you should ever pay full price for you pizza when you know you can find Grandiosa Pizza Coupons online. Yes it is true the Grandiosa made some top hit songs to promote their pizza and with plenty people of buying their pizza as it is famous does not mean that paying full price for your pizza will make the company lose revenues. Use the Grandiosa Pizza coupons and eat great pizza guilt free!

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