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Imo's Pizza Coupons and eating contest

Jake and his buddies were ready to start their annual pizza eating contest. As football players for the local high school, they really could pack away the pizzas. Their favorite place in all of the city of St. Louis was that of Imo’s Pizza. Every year they would fork out their own money and see who could eat the most pizza. It was a tradition that was started one night after they won a championship for their high school. As Jake prepared himself to get ready to eat all the pizza he could possibly handle, a thought came to him.

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A couple of days ago his mother was talking about how she had found a ton of coupons online that had helped her pay for groceries and still have a bit left over to buy herself a new blender. Jake had wanted to participate in the pizza eating contest, but he was worried about funds. He had asked Michelle out on a date for Saturday night and wanted to take her out to a nice sit down restaurant and really impress her. Jake had figured out that to pay for both a nice dinner and the pizza eating contest would be a strain on his wallet. Although he had asked his parents to loan him the some extra cash, they would not as the economy was bad and it was necessary to use it to pay the monthly mortgage. Jake decided that he would try looking online for imo’s pizza coupons. He hoped that like his mother he would have a bit of extra money to pay for his date with Michelle.

Getting online, Jake typed in the words imo’s pizza coupons into the Google search page. Soon he found plenty of great imo’s pizza coupons that would help him pay for cheap pizzas but still eat as many as he possibly could. He printed them off and prepared for the pizza eating contest. The next day he met his friends at Imo’s and began to buy their pizzas for the contest. As he gave the lady at the counter his coupons, his friends were shocked that his total for pizzas was a lot cheaper than what they had paid. After paying for his pizzas, his friends asked him about how he got the pizzas for so inexpensive a price. Jake told them about the imo’s pizza coupons he had found on the internet the night before. The pizza contest began and soon his friends had eaten all the pizzas, but Jake had a few left. He smiled at his friends and pulled out of his pocket some more imo’s pizza coupons. They laughed and took the coupons and paid for more pizzas.

That day Jake did not win the pizza eating contest, but he was glad that he had brought some imo’s pizza coupons so that the contest could continue. And as he hoped, that Saturday night he was able to take Michelle out to the fancy dinner he had wanted.

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