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When you think of pizza you first thought might be of Italy, thinking that the pizza offered at your local delivery place is technically Italian food. You would be mistaken. But it wouldn’t be your fault. Americans have become so accustomed to their Americanized pizza that it almost seems reasonable to assume that any pizza is an Italian pizza. In reality, there are not very many true italain pizzarias around as you might think. However, one you can trust to serve traditional Italian pizza is Lombardies Pizza. By using the Lombardies Pizza coupons you can get a taste of traditional Italy for the best prices around.


Lombardi’s Pizza is a traditional Italian restaurant and it has been in service for more than twenty five years. They were established in Salisbury and offer a wide range of starters, pastas, soups, salads, subs, and most importantly, pizzas. All of their ingredients are the best and freshly bought from the local market. Other than a few choice regular pizzas on the menu, Lombardis cook for you. They create a pizza according to what you order; crust, cheese, toppings, the works. By using the online Lombardies Pizza coupons you can order whatever you like, and even have a pizza custom made, just for you.

The food is so appetizing and served in perfect portions. The original prices are reasonable, but with the printable Lombardies Pizza coupons, you are getting great food for an even better price. The best part is, that if you don’t feel quite like eating out or get caught at work, Lombardies delivers. You choose whatever items you want from the menu and they will bring it straight to your door or office. They give more importance to customer satisfaction than you can find anywhere else. The quality of food and service is fantastic, and they genuinely want to give you a great experience.

With customer satisfaction as their top priority and traditional Italian cooking as their method, it is no wonder so many people love Lombardies. Now with online Lombardies Pizza coupons, you have just one more reason to really love this restaurant. Having been in service for so long, Lombardies knows how to best take care of their customers, as proven by these amazing deals and prices. They take every care to make sure you receive only the highest quality food in a timely manner.

Another thing that Lombardies likes to do is celebrate. They would love to host your next birthday party, Anniversary, or graduation party. You can arrange luncheons, private meetings, or even a corporate event. Just call in and make a reservation. Just make sure you don’t forget the Lombardies Pizza coupons. They really do offer some amazing deals like redeeming your coupons for cash discounts, getting an extra pizza at a lesser cost, and even getting breadsticks and soft drinks for free with an order. Just look at these amazing deals, and don’t pass them up. Lombardies looks forward to seeing you soon.