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Papa Johns Coupons

Papa Johns Coupons

My brother and I were watching our team play in the college bowl game. There were tied at half time when a commercial for Papa Johns came on. Something about the pizza on the commercial made us both salivate for some delivery pizza. The game was a close one and would be nicely complimented with some fresh, delivery pizza. We decided to look for one of the closer pizza places to see who could deliver it faster when we found a few Papa Joh’s Pizza Coupons.

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Papa Johns Pizza Coupons

Our vote was swayed and we were convinced Papa Johns was close enough. So we grabbed the Papa Johns Pizza Coupons, picked up the phone and ordered a couple medium pizzas and some sodas.

The Papa Johns Pizza Coupons gave us a couple bucks off each medium sized pizza as well as a good discount on the large drinks we ordered with it. We thought it was a great deal and especially better than the regular offers of the other pizza places we were looking at. With the yellow pages open, we searched for all the closest pizza places, but in the end, that didn’t matter. Once we found those Papa Johns Pizza Coupons, our minds were made up. We closed the yellow pages, ordered the pizza and headed back into the living room to watch the halftime show. We were talking about all of the different players who were doing great today as well as the ones who were really choking under the pressure.

The quarterback had thrown an interception and we were all complaining about that when the doorbell rang. The third quarter had barely begun when the pizza arrived. I quickly ran into the kitchen, grabbed the Papa Johns Pizza Coupons and rushed to the door. With cash in hand and the Papa Johns Pizza Coupons, I made a quick exchange for the pizzas and drinks. Thanking the delivery boy, I quickly ran back into the living room with the goods. The rest of the half was spent in agony as our team slowly lost possession of the game and couldn’t quite pull it off. We were upset but still ended up eating all of the pizza. Perhaps the comfort food helped us cope with the loss we were facing. The pizza was enough to brighten the mood a little, but not quite enough. We were both complaining about all of the mistakes our team made and the bad calls by the referees. We finished all of the pizza, though, and moved on with our lives. There will be other games in the future and hopefully our team will do better next year!
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