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My roommate, Holly was having her twenty first birthday next week; we knew as confidants of girl talk, that the only thing she wanted for her birthday, aside from a boyfriend, was a great pizza from Red Brick Pizza. She absolutely adores their fire roasted gourmet pizzas and talks about going out there for dinner every night. It is especially their Thai Chicken that is topped with mozzarella cheese, sweet red onions, carrots, crunchy cashews, cilantro and spicy Thai sauce. It makes a trip to a pizzeria a different experience. Well the three of us secretly got together and talked it over; we would take her out to dinner at the Red Brick Pizza. As the day came closer to her birthday, one of my other roommates had gotten into a car accident. Suddenly she was spending her extra cash on getting it repaired. Sadly she approached us explaining that she probably could not afford to split Holly’s birthday present as she barely had enough money.

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At this point my brainy roommate Teresa just smiled and replied that it would not be a problem. Despite my uncertainty about having to pay more than I anticipated, Teresa quickly spoke about her idea. She had seen on the internet that you could get red brick pizza coupons. These would help everyone pay for their half of Holly’s birthday present. We spent that night searching online for the right red brick pizza coupons that would allow us to get Holly that Thai Chicken pizza that she loves. To our surprise it did not take us all night, and quickly we printed off the red brick pizza coupons needed.

The next day we blindfolded Holly and drove around in circles. Finally we arrived at Red Brick Pizza and snatched off her blindfold. Holly was ecstatic! She profusely thanked us before we even entered the restaurant. After we were seated at the table, Holly ordered her beloved pizza. All of us were able to afford a pizza of our own with the red brick pizza coupons we had found. Soon our table was filled with delicious aromas from the Thai Chicken, Pizza Buffalo, Roasted Garlic Shrimp and Prosciutto, Mushroom and Arugula pizzas. With laughter and joy we dove into eating the delicious pizza. Each of us shared our pizza with the others and Holly found that she liked the Roasted Garlic Shrimp better than her Thai Chicken. It was a great birthday feast!

Finally after our stomachs were full and hearts glad, the bill came. This could have been a moment when our stomachs might have turned as we worried about the cost of the meal. Even though Holly had tried to pay for her pizza, we all refused. Confidently we paid the bill using our red brick pizza coupons. Even our one roommate who was hard up on cash was able to pay a little too. We all left the restaurant with our pizza boxes, happy; even though we couldn’t get Holly a boyfriend, we at least gave her a great meal.

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