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Round Table Pizza has always been known for its quality ingredients used to make pizzas daily.  Now they offer Round Table Pizza Coupons from Pizza Coupons to lower the prices of their already affordable meals.  The dough is rolled fresh each day, the zesty red sauce is made from scratch with eleven herbs and spices, and the special three cheese blend is made with the best whole milk mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar cheeses. All these ingredients combined with your favorite pizza toppings make for mouth watering meals that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Some of their specialty pizzas include the Italian Garlic Supreme and the Smoke House Combo. The Italian Garlic Supreme is made with super good pepperoni, Italian sausage, Roma tomatoes, white mushrooms, green onions, and freshly chopped garlic. What makes this pizza especially tasty is the Creamy Garlic Sauce which replaces the regular Zesty Red. Then the Smokehouse Combo uses grilled chicken, Italian sausage and linguica, Roma tomatoes, red and green onions and a BBQ drizzle. This pizza is layered on top of their Zesty Red Sauce.

Then for vegetable lovers some Round Table Pizza Coupons from Pizza Coupons can discount their Veggie dinners to even more affordable prices. There are two particular pizzas that would fit the vegetarian bill. The first is called Guinevere’s garden delight. Roma tomatoes, white mushrooms, green peppers, yellow onions, and black olives pile high to make up this delicious veggie pizza. Then the Gourmet Veggie tastes just as it sounds with its artichoke hearts, zucchini, spinach, white mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, red and green onions, Italian herb seasoning and chopped garlic. You could also try some Cracker Coupons and add a little crunch to your meal.

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However, if you as a pizza purchaser want something more exotic you can choose to use your Round Table Pizza Coupons on the Maui Zaui pizza. This is unique and delicious. They use tender ham, crispy bacon, juicy pineapple, Roma tomatoes, red and green onions. But what makes this pizza so fun is the Polynesian Sauce which is available at several locations. This pizza ads some pizzazz to the regular Hawaiian blend of Canadian bacon and pineapple offered by the other pizza places.

So next time you hear the words Round Table you can think of Arthur and his knights, but really it would turn out much better for you to be thinking about some Round Table Pizza Coupons and the awesome pizzas you can purchase with them. If you want to continue to save, be sure to check out Coupons Printable for other name brand coupons!