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You chew on that bit of straw, there, pardner, and hitch your thumbs in your belt loops and churn out a yarn about them good old days, but in the mean time, we’re going to leave you and your straw hat sitting there by the fence while we go on and get some Straw Hat Pizza coupons. That’s right: discount opportunities for that pizza of pizzas, that headgear of headgear, mixed together in one—except that you aren’t going to find any straw scattered atop your cheese: Straw Hat Pizza.

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Straw Hat bills themselves as being genuine California pizza, and we’re definitely willing to believe it. You see, unlike the straw hats we mentioned above, worn by the dusty dust bowl types still amazed at how pizza is beating out grandma’s steak and potatoes, these straw hats are worn by beachcombers. (Though truth be told, someone in the office just had steak and potatoes last week, and if he were here to see this, he’d have a conniption fit—he couldn’t talk about anything except how good that food was for days on end.) Beach bums, some may call them, but all that matters is that there’s some great pizza to be had with Straw Hat Pizza coupons.
Maybe this is your first time to sunny California, or at least your first time to consider getting some Straw Hat pizza, so let us give you a bit of the Straw Hat history. The first Straw Hat opened on July 10, 1959, to the tunes of the swing era and the sound of great big American cars revving their engines. It opened in San Leandro, California, just outside of San Francisco, a little town you may have heard of. Well, with your Straw Hat Pizza coupons well in hand, you can make sure you get to know this great pizza even better.
Straw Hat Pizza’s history gets interesting in the eighties. Straw Hat was a major pizza outlet in the west and Pizza Hut was starting to move in. The battle of the Huts and Hats soon began (without light sabers, though), with Pizza Hut trying to buy out its competition and Straw Hat trying to stay alive. Well, the fact that you’re looking for Straw Hat Pizza coupons is a testament to the fact that Straw Hat did indeed survive, and what an epic survival it was!
You see, Pizza Hut did eventually buy out Straw Hat, but because Straw Hat Pizza was a franchise business, its franchise owners did not sell to Pizza Hut when the rest of the company did. They banded together and instead made to establish a name for themselves—and they’re doing it. Straw Hat Pizza is in its fiftieth year of business and is still growing.
Straw Hat Pizza coupons will let you partake of this American icon, getting some great pizza and participating in a great Californian tradition: sailing solo and cruising through the breakers to beat the competition in the very end.

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