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Who has not hear the commercial joke of a man standing in front of the gallows and the sheriff asking, “What do you want on your tombstone?” And the convicted man answers enthusiastically, “Cheese and Pepperoni Please!” That old commercial will all be stuck in our heads forever, but the fact of the matter is that Tombstone pizza is really decently good. And aside from getting Tombstone Pizza coupons and other great offers, people still prefer Tombstone pizza over other frozen pizzas. You can find them in any grocery store. They are usually accompanied with a cactus image and then a picture of the pizza. Following the tradition of most frozen pizzas, Tombstone also comes in a variety of toppings and kinds. Here is a bit of information dealing with Tombstone pizzas.


The ever so famous slogan of “What do you want on your Tombstone?” came from the clever Chicago office of an advertising agency known as Foote, Cone & Belding. But the actual pizza was created by two men named Joe and Ron Simek during the ninety seventies. It was there in their Medford, Wisconsin tavern called The Tombstone Tap that they created this great tasting pizza. They had given their tavern that name as it was situated across the street from a cemetery. Customers could not get enough of the zesty smart pizza along with a crispy crust. So there the company was born. It is now part of the Kraft Food Inc. If you have never had a tombstone, why not try one out. And it won’t be a waste especially if you get Tombstone Pizza coupons. You can try it out for less than regular price and if it does not work to your tastes, well then no harm done.
Tombstone pizzas come in surprisingly strange flavors. These unusual flavors include, garlic bread pepperoni, supreme taco, garlic bread cheese, harvest wheat thin crust cheese, original hamburger, double sausage, a couple of brick oven style pizzas, light veggie, thin crusts, half & half of items such as cheese and sausage, pepperoni and sausage and so forth. Of course they also sell the classic pepperoni, cheese, sausage, three meats, and supreme pizzas. No matter your tastes and cravings, Tombstone pizza has a flavor to fulfill it. If you look online you can also find Tombstone Pizza coupons. These are great for buying your pizza without being forced to pay full price.
So how do you find Tombstone Pizza coupons online? Just search the words Tombstone Pizza Coupons and you will find plenty of coupons for the pizza you crave. And with most online coupon offers, there are usually no string attached. That does not mean that you can take expired coupons to the store and make them work. Restrictions will apply to any coupons.
When it’s dinner time, you can ask yourself what you want on your Tombstone. Plus there is no guilty and no budget busting when you purchase the pizza with coupons you found online. A great deal!

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