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Jake had barely made it into middle school. Although he did not have a decent paying job, Jake had income from his paper route. Every month he would get excited as his pay would come and think of all the things he could buy. One month he used it to buy some music. One day he decided that he wanted to have a pizza party and invite his friends over. He told his mother about his desire. She agreed, but to teach him an important lesson, Jake’s mother told him that he had to pay for all the pizza.

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Not realizing the ramifications of how much pizza cost, Jake was excited. He quickly called the nearest pizza place sure that he could afford at least a couple of pizzas. When the person on the end of the telephone gave him the price of one pizza, Jake was astounded. He could not believe how expensive pizza was; even the cheaper pizza parlors seemed pricey. Despite a looming sadness, Jake came up with another idea. He decided that he would buy frozen pizzas. He had his mother take him to the grocery store. There he looked over the pizzas and their prices. Again his hopes began to drop. He knew he could not invite over all his friends and feed them on one or two pizzas, Jake needed at least seven or eight pizzas. He knew how much his friends could eat as well as himself. A feeding frenzy would ensue every day in the lunch room. So calculating the costs, Jake was again very disappointed. There of course was one brand of pizza the Totino’s pizza he could buy that would almost fit his costs and needs, but it was still a little too expensive.

As the drove home, Jake’s mother noticed his somber disposition and asked him what he was troubled about. He then spilled all the information about his hard work. How he had called the pizza places only to find them really expensive. His last hope had been on the frozen pizzas at the grocery store. Sadly at the store it was too expensive but just barely. His mother smiled and suggested that he use Totino’s Pizza coupons. Jake looked at her in surprise. She replied she would help him.

Once at home, let Jake get onto the internet and had him type in Totino’s Pizza Coupons. Suddenly a huge smile spread across Jakes face as he saw all the Totino’s Pizza Coupons. He quickly calculated the costs and found that with the coupons he was able to feed his friends and not have to save up two months of salary. He printed off the Totino’s Pizza Coupons and took them to the store. That weekend he was able to invite all his friends over and eat pizza and play video games. It was the best party Jake had ever hosted for his friends and they enjoyed it too! And it was all made possible by Totino’s Pizza coupons." type="text/javascript">