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Ike Sewell, in 1943 opened a restaurant in Chicago and based his grill on an idea. He noticed that a lot of Americans were using pizza as a snack instead of as a meal. You would eat a little at parties, or at football games, but with the skimpy toppings, sloppy sauces, and sharing with all of your friends, the pizzas never lasted long and were never considered a real meal. He thought things could be different. He wanted to combine the traditional and authentic Italian recipes with more impressive quantities of toppings. More meat, more cheese, more vegetables, more spices, more everything that makes a great pizza. And instead of being a snack, a pizza would become a hearty meal. He was a success, and with Uno Chicago Grill coupons you can check it out.


This was the start of a new American tradition called the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Though some have tried, none have been successful at completely duplicating Ike’s original deep dish recipe. With so much success, in the mid 1990s, Ike decided to expand his restaurant. He brought new items to the menu that diners expected from a high quality, full service restaurant. They had a multi-million dollar kitchen upgrade in all of their restaurants to facilitate these delicious additions. You can imagine how happy this made their customers. And now they are even happier because they can save some big money with online Uno Chicago Grill coupons.

The new Uno Chicago Grill menu has only been around for about five years, but has been met with much success. With pizza still at the center of Ike’s restaurant, there are several other options offered that compliment the restaurant very well. They offer a variety of creative dishes alongside all of their creative pizzas, but fear not, they are not getting rid of any of the classics people have come to love. And now I bet, if you are new to Uno Chicago Grill, you are interested to see some of the things you can use the printable Uno Chicago Grill coupons on.

First off is the Wowza Chicken pizza with peppered chicken, onions, bell peppers, spicy banana peppers, Cheddar, mozzarella and Uno's Wowza Sauce™ infused with Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Wowza is probably a pretty mediocrure expression for what you will think about this pizza, but at least it is a start. Then, if you use the online Uno Chicago Grill coupons, you will be saying much more than Wowza. They also have a Chef’s Choice pizza where you are the chef and can pick any three of their toppings to add to your pizza. So whether you want to try one of Ike’s own recipes, or concoct one of your own, it doesn’t matter.

With Uno Chicago Grill coupons you will be treated to an amazing experience, whether you are new to the chain, or consider yourself a regular. Just be sure to look over the menu a couple times. They really do have some amazing pizzas on there, and that really is their specialty.