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Vocelli Pizza is an Italian restaurant specializing in authentic and fresh cuisine. It was established in 1988 by Harry Ablak and his two sons. Today it has become nationally recognized for its taste and the company’s success. In 2008, Vocelli Pizza was awarded “Best Pizza” by Pittsburgh Magazine.

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..... With six pasta options, customers are sure to find just the right combination to satisfy their tastebuds. The menu includes Marinara Traditionale; Pasta Diablo, which has marinara sauce and spicy Italian sausage; Chicken Parmesan, which is Linguini with marinara sauce, chicken, romano cheese, and mozzarella; Chicken Alfredo for those who love Linguini covered in creamy alfredo sauce with chicken and cheese sprinkled on top; Ravioli Formaggio, which is mini cheese ravioli with marinara sauce, romano cheese, and mozzarella; and last but not least, Basil Pesto Pasta, Linguini covered in basil pesto and alfredo sauce.

In addition to pizzas, pastas, Stromboli, and Panini, the menu also offers Antipasti for those craving something deliciously fried. The Antipasti choices include Boneless Wings with a choice of six dipping sauces, Vocelli Rolls that come in five different flavors, garlic bread, Tenders ‘taliano, Cheesesticks, Breadsticks, Bruschetta, and Oven-Baked Wings. Rounding out the menu, are three dessert options: Cannella Sticks (or Cinnamon sticks), La Dolce Pie, and Canoli.

Vocelli Pizza has something for everyone and their nationally recognized menu deserves the spotlight. Prices vary depending on location. The full menu and complete list of prices are easily accessible on the restaurant web site. Also, each restaurant web site offers money-saving coupons.

While other pizza restaurants Americanize the once authentically Italian dishes of pizza or pasta, Vocelli Pizza hearkens back to its European roots. Unfortunately, “vocelli” is said to not actually mean anything in Italian, and the word is often pronounced different from the original Italian (with a soft letter “c” instead of the Italian “ch” sound that occurs whenever letters “c” and “e” or “c” and “i” appear together). But, prizing itself on daily hand tossed crust (from dough mixed with extra virgin olive oil), and sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes, Vocelli Pizza has retained its ranking position in Pizza Today magazine’s annual listing. Also, all side dishes are made to order, including Stromboli, Panini subs, wings, and insalatas (salads). The restaurant’s projected growth is about 30 percent annually.

The menu at Vocelli Pizza is presented in traditional Italian, at least as far as dish names are concerned, including bevande (drinks), antipasti (appetizers), and dolce (desserts), in addition to the words that have become familiar in English such as pasta and pizza. Even the careers offered by Vocelli Pizza are calling out to pizza business lovers to join the Vocelli family, or “famiglia” (and for those of you who don’t know, the “g” is not pronounced) hiring management, cooks, delivery drivers, and even flyer distributors—benefits included. Even the descriptions of pizza size options are presented in Italian. Take your pick from the piccolo (small), medio (medium), and grande (large). Then choose from Neapolitan style crust (light and crispy) or a regular pan crust. After that, pizza toppings come in a variety of gourmet selections including Pesto Veggie, Chicken Spinaci, Chicken Pesto, Chicken Rustico, The Olympian, Veggie Primavera, Buffalo Chicken, Philly Steak, Grill Master Veggie, Quattro Cheese (four cheese), Steakhouse Ranch, Garlic Spinaci, Spring Veggie, Hawaiian, Meat Magnifico, Deluxe, and the new Chicken Alfredo Spinaci. As you can see, Vocelli has an extremely wide variety of pizzas, and that’s before customers even have their own creative input with the Create Your Own option offered by the restaurant.

Vocelli Pizza’s Rewards program is well underway, coming soon to offer discounts or rewards to loyal, frequent customers. In the meantime, however, consider searching online for vocelli coupons, which can be found at Web sites like retailmenot.html or to get great deals on meals from this little piece of Italy. With its unique dedication to authenticity, vocelli coupons are a great way to save a few extra dollars, since high quality ingredients don’t come cheap—though they are certainly worth the price. While vocelli coupons can’t be found at the Vocelli Web site, customers can submit contact information in order to stay informed of any upcoming specials. The restaurant also does catering, in which case vocelli coupons could be very useful. Options include party trays, pasta dishes, and large salads, along with pizza of course. Vocelli also has a “shoppe” where restaurant gifts can be purchased such as t-shirts, hats, and polos with the company name. However, vocelli coupons typically only apply to the food menu and not to any other merchandise.