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What Kind of Pizza are You?


Your friend/girl friend asks how her outfit looks. You say:

a. You always look great!
b. Perfect for the big party – let’s go!!
c. Are you sure you want to wear that?
d. That reminds me of what someone at work said today….

What city would you most like to eat pizza in?

a. New York City
b. Boston
c. LA
d. Chicago

What goes best with pizza?

a. Breadsticks
b. Wings
c. Funky appetizer
d. Salad

Where do you usually get your pizza?

a. An indie pizza shop
b. Your favorite delivery service
c. A gourmet restaurant
d. A casual cafe

You consider your friends as

a. People who understand you
b. People to party with!
c. Distractions
d. People that like you for you

What is your favorite sport?

a. Taekwondo
b. Baseball
c. Football
d. I don’t have time for sports

Do you have a cell phone?

a. Yes, mostly for work
b. Of course! I have to stay in touch with family and friends
c. Nope
d. Couldn’t live without it!

What do you put on your pizza?

a. Hot pepper flakes
b. Parmesan cheese
c. Nothing
d. Whatever I can find

What would you rather watch on TV?

a. The Simpsons
b. I don’t have time for TV
c. The news
d. Anything I’ve never seen before

Who would you rather sit with in the cafeteria?

a. The preps
b. The rebels
c. Someone I don’t know yet
d. I don’t have time to eat lunch

It’s 4pm, where are you?

a. Hunkered down doing work
b. Hanging out with friends
c. Taking a nap so I have energy tonight
d. Who knows, it’s different every day

Do you like adventure?

a. Are you kidding me? I have things to get done!
b. I love it!
c. Occasionally, but not often
d. Life is an adventure

What is your ideal pet?

a. A dog
b. A tarantula
c. I don’t have time to take care of a pet
d. I would love any kind of pet!


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